Monday, August 18, 2014

The September Issue

So, it is mid-August and what does that mean to fashionistas at the newsstands? Well, that of course means that the most anticipated and long awaited (from last September) is all the September issues of ALL fashion magazines!! This is super exciting to me and I know you gather great joy from seeing the tome sized fashion magazine from every company. Every September, magazine companies create the greatest and largest size issue of the year. This is for a specific reason..the Fall Fashion line is introduced to us all in all its glory.

Literally, these magazines are getting thicker and heavier, so if you're picking up a stack at the newsstands make sure it wasn't before arm day because a pile of your favorite magazines could add up to some serious weight. I wonder if each magazine company competes in making the heaviest and most glossy filled content possible. Vogue Magazine is where it all started with the September issue, traditionally the largest and most important magazine of the year. They even made a movie about the September issue, called creatively, The September Issue, showcasing the aggressive and powerful Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington battling the stress and complete chaos that goes along with coming out with the issue that is the most purchased magazine of the year. 

Now, if your like me and subscribe to all the fashion magazines that are possibly in existence, they will now start to fill my mailbox and hopefully the soil is strong enough to keep the mailbox upright. I love flipping through my encyclopedia sized silky, shiny, and polished ads and article with the scent of various floral fragrant aroma rushing to my senses as my eyes widen with the beauty of the up and coming Fall trends and fashion. 

Even though it is still August, the issues will usually arrive on newsstands or in your mailbox right about now. Sometimes, if you're lucky you can get an issue with the desired cover that you wanted (Most magazines with come out with multiple covers). 

I save most of my fashion magazines because who wouldn't want to see how silly fashion looked 30 years from now (don't you just love looking at Vogue mags from the 80's), but the September issues I make sure I keep them and treasure them like Carrie Bradshaw did in Sex In The City; soon I might have to use my spare bathtub to store them. I can't name my favorite September issue Fashion magazine because that would be like saying which is my favorite child (I don't have any yet), but I'll say Vogue and I are very close. 

Which is your favorite magazine and do you have a little Carrie Bradshaw Fashion magazine  obsession inside of you?

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  1. Yes!!! September issues are the best and I have been saving my fashion magazines in a giant stack for a few years. I hope to save my issues for many many years and look back at them in 15 years will be fun.

  2. Thanks for your feedback! Wouldn't it be amazing to see the style that was from 15-20 years back, very interesting. Keep your September issues forever!!!!


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