Sunday, August 17, 2014

The New York Fashion Week Is Almost HERE!! Fall 2014

The New York Fashion Week is coming very just a few weeks. The dates for The Mercedes-Benz Fashion week is September 4th-11th with hundreds of shows going on mostly in and around the meat-packing district (a little strange) of NYC. There are so many exciting names that will be there and of course the shows. It is hard to say where exactly each show will be and when as that info is top secret.
The New York Fashion Week is like the Superbowl of Fashion with 100's of designers bringing out their new lines for us to gawk at and admire. A lot of pieces are just nice to look at and just stare, sometimes difficult to pull your eyes away, but you would NEVER wear. And then there are the practical pieces that you just can't wait to get your hands on. 

Sometimes, actually ALWAYS it is quite difficult to get into the desired runway shows and if you did and you're not a celeb or a fashion power house individual, you will have standing room seats in the way way back, where you can only gaze at the tops of the towering figures heads..not so fun. So, why not watch it from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you live. let's us watch the show LIVE in real time, now that is just beautiful. Now, we can feel a little bit like Anna Wintour sitting in the front row of every who's who designer, but we can take our sunglasses off when watching. 

The runway shows are absolutely stunning and gorgeous and it is literally front and center action. So, add to your calendars the dates, sign into Fashion Week Online and watch while wearing sweats and a tee and sunglasses are optional. 

Now, if you are a brave one that would like to "attempt" and good luck, at attending there are ways and it's not as easy as purchasing concert tickets at Ticketmaster. This article link will give you the deets on how to get in or try really really hard..
What designers are you excited to see this year?

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  1. I love NYC Fashion Week!! Thank you for your insight and the link to watch the fashion shows live from home.


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