Thursday, August 28, 2014

NGN Natural Generation Nutrition NG Bee Pollen Review

I am getting ready to lose some extra pounds and even though Summer is almost over, I'm not putting on a layer of Winter fat and then have to work all Spring to get ready for Summer bikini time! I just tried this new product, about a week ago, called NGN Natural Generation Nutrition NG Bee Pollen and so far I have lost 6 lbs.!! I know it's crazy and I'm excited to see what will happen in the next few weeks and months. I will keep you guys updated on my progress. 

There was a company that was huge called Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen, that was helping so many people, like myself but they discontinued the product because of ingredients that were unsafe to ingest. I wanted something that is all natural and has the same benefits. My friend told me about this company, that is family owned and that it is better than Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen, and she was right! 
There are all natural ingredients and I am losing weight already. Why, wouldn't I want something that is all-natural!?!?! I'm not into chemicals and products that are unsafe. I workout hard and practice yoga (3 times per week) and eat (or at least always try to eat) organic food. I'm on a big fitness kick and determined to lose some weight while staying healthy. 
The product is exclusive and you can't just walk into a GNC and pick up any 'ol bee pollen, this formula is special made and of course ALL-NATURAL.
Benefits of NGN Bee Pollen..YES!

The company has other products like a fat burner and a cleanse, but I am just going to stick to the NG Bee Pollen and see how it works for me before I try their other products and stack them. 
I will let you know more about the product as I continue to use it and where you can get it. I am so excited I found this product.

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  1. I have heard before about the bee pollen diet and I was wondering if it really works and by the sound of it, it is working for you, so that's good. It's now Spring here in Australia and I should definitely think about dropping a few kg, before Summer comes if I want to fit into my last year swimsuit....I am surely going to look into this bee pollen diet, see if it is suitable also for me and if they sell the NGN products here too.

  2. Hi! Where can I get this product? I have been looking for a bee pollen that really helps with weight loss.

    1. You can get NGN Natural Generation Nutrition Bee Pollen and more products at Check out the website and they have diet and fitness plans available.

  3. This product does NOT WORK, I tried it twice and both times I did not lose a pound instead gain.. Please bring back zi xiu tang

  4. Try Extreme Pollen & Burn. This combo has EVERYONE losing weight and inches! Want to add a powerful detox to that? Throttle is offered as a bundle as well. Everyone is so busy trying to be the next "zixiutang", that is where NGN failed. The Extreme Pollen & Burn DO NOT CLAIM to be a replacement - they claim to be a very safe, effective way to help you lose - and it is helping lots of people. Both are made in the USA, at an FDA Approved Facility. Check out the exclusive - she has a couple facebook pages, extremepollen and herbal weight loss. You can find the product on alot of websites but she has the best prices.

  5. My question is the dendrobium extrct safe ???


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