Saturday, August 16, 2014

M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid & Mineralize Skin Finish<><>REVIEW

This review is on a liquid foundation that I am very excited about. I am usually a pressed foundation powder kind of girl, that has a lot of coverage that also gives that matte look. I'm not into the shiny look that foundation gives my skin. I've tried all different types of high-end foundation because I just wanted it to work. The pressed foundation powder fades quickly and nobody's got time for that.

This new M.A.C. Studio Fix foundation is glorious and I don't exaggerate or write about make-up products unless they are to have a small place in my heart. First, let me just let you guys know that I am a make-up ADDICT..and if there were an AA for make-up (MA-Make-up Anonymous), I might have to attend a few meetings. 

 The gorgeous beauty at the M.A.C. store converted me to liquid and I don't know if she has special magic powers or what but I don't get shamed into buying something I don't like. She did the always lovely and fun half of my face comparison and I was sold in as fast as she stashed her brush into her tool belt. I did though in fact leave the store with half my own make-up design and half her work because those lights in the store play some nice little tricks. You know how sometimes you look fab in a store then at home or in the sunlight, you think what happened and where are those magic lights and why can't they follow me everywhere I go..I mean they're magical and no one can tell me anything different.

I Can't Help It

Anyway, without the magical lights, I was still obsessed with half my face and I began to introduce the other side to The Studio Fix Fluid Foundation with the Mineralize Skin Finish. Problem solved, life solved, no more first world problems for this girl. So, basically, I'm obsessed with yet another make-up product but this time it's foundation and usually foundation would fall in my list of things I despise such as hats with words on it, felt tip pens, bad eyebrows and scented garbage bags. 
So here are the deets of the two products I purchased:
M.A.C. Studio Fix Fluid 
SPF 15
30ML/1.0 FL OZ.

M.A.C. Mineralize 
Net Wt. 10g/0.35 OZ.

Did you try the new Studio Fix Fluid Foundation and if so what do you think? Are you are liquid foundation kind of gal? I want to hear!!

Redefine & Align

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  1. I love and I'm obsessed with M.A.C. makeup! Thanks for the review of the foundation because I don't usually wear foundation. LOVE this review.


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