Thursday, August 21, 2014

Covering NYC Fashion Week September 4th-11th 2014

So, Fashion week is approaching as fast as our summer tans are fading and I know I am excited (for NYC Fashion week, not my tan fading). I will be covering the NYC Fashion Week September 4th-11th 2014. I will display pictures in real time and let you all know the details of this week of fashion, accessories, model, events, and maybe a little bit of drama.

This year is going to be more exciting then ever because I am covering it for the entire week, of course. Now, you will see all the high-end popular fashion designers plastered on every blog, but I am going to showcase and cover those new, up and coming, and the names some of us never heard of in the media. I want to see the so called "underdogs" of the fashion design because there are some brilliant and absolutely amazing designer that are somewhat overlooked by the popular magazines and blogs. I mean, how many times can you talk about Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Micheal Kors, Marc Jacobs, Dior, DKNY, Tory Burch, etc. I mean, I want to see these top designers as well but I would like to see the new designers and the ones that don't get the proper recognition, as they should, since last year there were some designers that should have shot up to the top and been on every fashionistas body. 

I will cover as many fashion runway shows that I see to be worth writing about and let you guys in on a very exclusive part of the fashion industry. 
The week is going to be full of massive amounts of runway shows with 100's of designers pulling out their very best work with the beautiful models in their eccentric make-up and hair. Sometimes, it is the whole package, the beautiful fresh designs and the added touch of hair and make-up that makes these fabric pop. Not everyone can pull off some of these designs but definitely these models can and they do!

So, get ready ladies and gents to see a glorious and stunning fashion show that is always the best in Fall. So, like I said, mark your calendars, store it in your iPhone, write it on your mirror for September 4th-11th 2014. 

Tell me a designer you are looking forward to seeing this year and do you think that the "underdogs" designers are not getting enough attention in the media? Why do we only focus on the main designers when there are so many other designers out there that will blow your wise. 
Remember, this is New York City, so bring a that is cute of course because you cannot bring an ugly jacket to New York Fashion Week; remember pictures!! 

Let it all out in the comments...I dare you.
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  1. Hi Peachy Queen, how fantastic being able to go to the New York Fashion week, only 3 days to go, I can imaging the city must be buzzing like crazy already! I am also interested in the 'underdogs' usually their style is more daring and fresh, but I also like the Chanel classical style. I wish I could go too, but I will follow your blog closely to see what you can report back. I have heard that Lady Gaga is also going to perform during the fashion week. Have the best time and tell us all the gossips please...


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