Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Younique 3D Lashes Review Coming Very Soon AND Where To Get It

Have you guys been hearing about 3D Lashes Mascara from Younique? No more False Eyelashes..seriously it that good.

 Well, I am going to do a review with pictures in the next few days and tell you EXACTLY where to get them. You have to purchase from a specific person and I have the person to get them from! She is a seller with AMAZING customer service and you can't go wrong ordering from her, plus she has more products than the 3D Lashes. Link and pictures will be posted soon! 

For now, here are some pictures of what 3D Lashes Mascara can do to your eyes and let me tell you I have the shortest and lightest eyelash possible in the history of eyelashes! So, I will show you pictures on what it can do to my eyelashes. Come back for review and link to shop for yours! 

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  1. 3D Lashes Mascara from Younique, what a fabulous invention and doesn't it look like a precious jewel in the fancy box? I have read the reviews and they are impressive. I used to have the most beautiful and long eyelashes, when I was younger, not anymore and I would love a product that can replace, fake eyelashes. Can't wait to hear from you, where we can get it from.

    1. The review post will be up soon and where to get the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara with pics! Check back to see more info.


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