Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ou Ma Fashion Designer From The NYC Fashion Week Interview Coming Soon

Fashion Week may be over in New York City but fashion never sleeps and never takes a day off; it is eternal. Fashion Week this year was beautiful, exciting, stunning, glamorous and mesmerizing. The shows left us with ideas and pieces to be excited for the Spring and Summer of 2015.

This year on the first day of Fashion Week was the annual Supima Design Competition which featured 6 of the best designers from the elite top design schools to showcase gowns. My absolute favorite of the highly artistic and skilled designers was Ou Ma and her line called “Untouchable”. I had the honor to be able to interview this designer with sheer brilliance and talent that we will see coming very soon. Check back soon for the interview I had with Ou Ma from the NYC Fashion Week.


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  1. I like when there is interest on new emerging designers at the NY fashion week. I will be looking forward to your interview with Ou Ma. The photos on this blog post are fantastic, did you take them Peachy Queen?


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