Friday, September 5, 2014

NGN Natural Generation Nutrition NG Cleanser

 I have been on NGN Natural Generation Nutrition NG Bee Pollen since August 28th ( a little over two weeks) and so far I have lost 11lbs.! I can't believe this stuff, it works so well. I have been more active than before and I am in love with this product. So, since I love the NG Bee Pollen, I have decided to try the cleanse. I will start the NG Cleanser tomorrow and keep you guys up-dated on my progress. The NGN NG Cleanser is going to help flush out my system to rid of all the toxins from my organs that I have been storing. I want my body to have a fresh new start and feel good. The toxins in our body make us feel tired, sluggish, and we hold on to water weight, which isn't something I want. Time to Redefine and Align my body!!

I am going to take 2 capsules for 15 days, to give my body a full cleanse, while taking the NG Bee Pollen. 

What makes me so happy about this product line is that it is all-natural, so I know what I am ingesting and there is no guessing. I can't wait to start my full body cleanse and become a new me. I will keep updates throughout the 15 days on the NG Cleanser as well as the NG Bee Pollen. If you guys have any specific questions about my journey through my new fitness goals, comment below.

Redefine & Align

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  1. I need this!!!! How long should I take it? Just one month and where can I get it? NGN Cleanser and Bee Pollen would be perfect for my fitness goals.


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