Thursday, December 4, 2014

Where Will You Go Next? Moving Away From Home

Have you ever thought about leaving home or traveling when you graduate high school or finished with college? Do you sometimes feel like you have the urge to leave where you grew up and go into the unknown and explore other parts of the world or country? I think a lot of us feel that way and moving away from friends and family after high school or even college may be scary. Moving is one of the top factors for high stress and can be even more stressful if you’re doing it alone and going to a place you’ve never been before. But, does that mean we should do it, take a chance and just go for it? Of course not!!

Moving away and starting your own thing is empowering and it takes a lots of strength and courage. Just think, if you can move to another state, across the country or even out of the country, what next can you accomplish? Having that as one of your life experiences does wonders for your self-esteem and  life in general. I know that it is scary, the unknown and the “what-ifs” but just think about all the new adventures, the excitement and the “what-ifs” that are opportunities and breaks in your life, career, friends and love.

Talking about moving away sounds good and exciting but it’s not until you get down to actually doing it that it sets in. If you plan on moving out of state or across the country after high school or college make sure you have a plan. If you don’t have a plan then everything could fall apart and you might have to move back home, which isn’t very fun or adventurous. Start slow and write everything out, start a savings and try to figure out all the details before arriving to your new home. One of the best things to do is take a trip to a potential destination you want to start new with friends or family to get a feel for the new environment. You may think you want to live in NYC until you get there or you may never want to go back and get your clothes.

Everyone should try leaving home and exploring a different point-of-view to have another perspective in life. Try new things, meet new people, try new foods and travel while you can. Sometimes, people only get a few opportunities to do certain things in life and when there is an opening then go after it and just take the leap. 

I have been very scared to leave my hometown but always knew that I wanted to and I would always talk about it. Then I decided to take a leap of faith and I couldn’t be happier about my decisions. I have lived in three different states, (add one more in 2015), lived East Coast lifestyle and West Coast lifestyle, traveled outside the country numerous times and seen many places in the U.S. as well. My quality of life is higher in my opinion because of these choices I have made and I will continue to explore more parts of the world. I can’t wait to see middle of America, South of France, Greece, Italy, Brussels, more Caribbean Islands, South America, China, Japan, Africa and so many more places. I know it’s in my blood to travel and not stay in one place too long so we will see where I will go from here. Where will you go next?

How many places have you lived? Do you plan on moving away from home after high school or college? If so where?

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