Friday, December 12, 2014

Tips On How To Care For Your Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry is fun, trendy and cheap but unfortunately it doesn’t always last and some pieces don’t last more than wearing it a few times. There are ways to expand the life of your costume jewelry piece by taking care and developing a few basic habits. If you use a few of these tips then I ensure you that your pieces will last much longer and you can shine on in your midi-rings, statement necklaces and spiked bangles!

Remove It
Make sure you remove your jewelry before you go to bed or after you come home. Wearing your favorite ring everyday will destroy and tarnish it much faster due to the oils in your skin. It is a good idea to remove your make-up, contacts and jewelry every night before bed, so this task is not that difficult to add to your already in place daily routine. Tossing and turning in bed can tug on chains and loosen rhinestones or jewels so to keep it happy, put it to bed.

Avoid It
There are things that can speed up the process of tarnishing or loosening of the stones much faster but avoiding certain things it will make it last and shine bright into the future. Spray or apply your perfume before adding a matching accessory to your outfit of the day because the alcohol and chemicals in the perfume can be very damaging and ruin the piece after one use. Take off your rings before you apply lotion to your body and face. Avoid products that have any kinds of oils, alcohol, chemicals, and harsh properties while wearing your jewelry. Make sure hands are cleaned of all products before wearing rings or bracelets. If you really want to make sure your costume jewelry stays intact, remove rings and bracelets before you wash your hands. If you have to keep it on then make sure your hands are thoroughly dried.

Clean It
Just like your fine jewelry needs to be cleaned so does your costume jewelry. Jewelry that lays on your skin picks up on your own oils that you produce and the jewelry then begins to tarnish. You can use a jewelry cloth to wipe away the oils and shine any rhinestones or crystals. Make sure you’re gentle and don’t scrub too much, a simple swipe with a cloth will do. Make sure you wipe each part of the piece including the chain and the back of any piece because that is the part that mostly lays on your skin.

Store It
Put your costume jewelry in a safe place that will avoid tangling and clumping together. You don’t want to throw all your necklaces together in a box and then have to wrangle the piece out from a pile of other chains and necklace stuck together. Pulling and untangling jewelry can cause it to become weak and break or loosen stone. Make sure your piece are store either in a jewelry bag or hanging separately on a jewelry rack. Some pieces can be stored together like brooches or rings but some need their space.  

Costume jewelry wasn’t made to last an eternity and the elements it is made out of doesn’t always stand up against fine elements but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it last. If you are careful and take up some of these tips then your costume jewelry will last longer and shine brighter.

Do you have any tips to add on how you care for your costume jewelry? Comment below.

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