Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Next Issue || Unlimited Magazine Subscription || Review

I was sitting at the airport in Naples, getting ready to get on the plane and we had arrived a little too early. I was exhausted from the trip and didn't sleep much (which I never do on vacation) and didn't feel like writing or reading. I wanted to pick-up a few fashion magazines along with some entrepreneur magazines as well. I went to the newsstand at my gate and grabbed 4 magazines and started flipping through. I was almost done after 30 minutes, because remember I wanted to look at pictures and read nothing. I then saw an advertisement for an app called Next Issue. 

I went on my phone and downloaded the app and read a little about it. Next Issue was the Netflix of magazine subscriptions. I signed-up for the 30 day free trial and began to explore this new app that I discovered. I thought instead of carrying around all these magazines with 70% advertisement pages, why not have it all in one place with zero weight?

I discovered that Next Issue is pretty good, you get access to 140+ magazines plus all back issues up to 1 year or so. I was able to get some of my favorites such as Allure, Bon Appetit, Brides, Cosmopolitan, DIY, Elle Decor, Fast Company, Fitness, Glamour, Inc., Haper's Bazaar, LOULOU, People Style Watch, Self, and a lot more!! After the 30 day trial, I can select from 2 different plans, one that is $9.99 per month without weekly subscriptions and with weekly subscriptions for $14.99. I think this is an amazing deal considering you have to pay on average $5.99 per magazine. My favorite part is the back issue capability. 

I already have all the monthly subscription plans that work out better for me in the long run. I have Netflix and Hulu for TV, Scribd for Books, Audible for audiobooks, Birtch and Ipsy for make-up and beauty; why not have one for magazines that I get each month. 
The magazine subscription is not the same as having a beautiful glossy photo in your hands, plus the fact that I save all my magazines so I can look at the fashions 15 years ago. Another downfall to this app is that it takes up an enormous amount of memory, I started this app on my phone and then switched it to my iPad because my phone's memory is for my pictures and videos. 

Another good point is that I can get my hard to find French fashion magazines!! 

Have you used this app? What is your opinion on this subscription services and what do you have?

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