Monday, November 24, 2014

Interview With Fashion Stylist JVictoria Fashions

We love to see new fashion stylists in the industry but we absolutely love more is a young fashion stylist! A young fashion stylist that can be comparable to individuals much older than them. The innate talent of styling and creating pieces of art with fashion is so exciting and electrifying to see in the industry. 

We have found a young stylist that knows what is what in the fashion realm and has the most beautiful sets from fun every day wear to fascinating elegant wear. We were lucky enough to get to have an interview with her and explore her position and mind-set into being a young fashion stylist today. Let's get started with the interview!!

PQ: We absolutely love your fashion sets and you have a beautiful portfolio; where do you find inspiration for style?

JVF: Thank you so much!  I find my inspiration for my style by looking at one piece of clothing and start gathering items that goes with it. One shirt or even a little accessory such as a ring can help me put together a complete outfit.

PQ: How old where you when you started having an interest in fashion?

JVF: I have always had an interest for fashion at a young age. When I was little I used to pick out full outfits and I even had the cool sunglasses to match. I use to pose for pictures with my little hand on my hip. Oh yea I was a little fashion diva. Also my fashion interest might have come from my mom. As an infant she had me dressed up all the time matching from head to toe. 

PQ: What are you long term goals in the fashion industry?

JVF: My long term goals in the fashion industry would have to be starting my own business and having it strive and be successful. For my business I would design clothes, produce the clothes I design, be a stylist, and be a personal shopper for other companies and or people. 

PQ: What made you want to be a fashion stylist?

JVF: What inspired me to be a fashion stylist is when I realized I had been blessed with a talent to put together outfits. For example I would put together these outfits from my closet as well as my mother's closet and received many compliments. I began to use the internet to broaden this skill and ever since then I knew what I wanted to do in life. Fashion is like art. Instead of using paint and canvasses I use clothes and accessories and the canvas is whomever decides to wear my "art".

PQ: What are your future goals in the fashion industry?

JVF: My future goals within the fashion industry are, to be a world known stylist and to be a young Christian role model to young women.

PQ: What advice can you give to someone that is young and wants to be part of the fashion industry?

JVF: My advice to those who are young or even older trying to be part of the fashion industry is to never give up, have confidence in yourself, and trust in God for the rest. The scripture that has helped me through the times I felt like giving up is Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me." 

PQ: What advice can you give to someone looking to put together the perfect outfit?

JVF: To those of you trying to put together a perfect outfit, the advice I would like to give is simple. If you think it's cute, you wear it and you strut it! Stop caring what others think, you may start the new fashion trend! 

PQ: Where can we follow you on social media to keep up-to-date with your fashion styles?

JVF: To keep up to date with me you can follow my Instagram @jvictoriafashions, Pinterest @jtorifashions, and Twitter @jorifashions. You can contact me at

Special thanks to Peachy Queen Boutique and Ms. Aimee for this opportunity to be on her blog and for helping me start my fashion career. You are truly a blessing in my life, thank you so much. Also, thank you to all those who have read this. You are all a blessing! Much love to you and God bless. 

~To God Be The Glory~ 

Definately follow JVictoria Fashions for tons of inspiration and leave comments or question below.

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