Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dream Catcher Earrings || What You Guys Said On Instagram

I asked you guys to describe these Dream Catcher Earrings on Instagram @peachyqueens to enter for our Contest Giveaway and this is what you guys said... (Instagram names have been removed)

*I love that it looks like the one in my room and its very colorful and gorgeous

*Upscale burning man chic. LOVE the colors and design

*They're so fashionable and I'm in love with the blue color. I love the amazing design and the bead colors are actually my favorite colors so that's cool and I love the golden feathers they look so pretty. These earrings would look so pretty. These earrings would just really suit me as I have golden hair and I'm tanned too.

*These earrings are so perf like I could walk down the hallway and these babies would shine prettier than the stars. They have such a good combinations of different colors that make it look so beautiful. These earrings are to die for! They make your whole outfit rock even better

*These earrings must have been handmade by an angel, because they look like they just came from heaven. Nothing for the fashionista, like a good pair of go-to earrings that match almost anything! Boho chic is so in. I'd be honored to rock these fab earrings by Peachy Queen. 


*Fit for a goddess, these earrings feature gorgeous colored gems and beads, giving them the perfect mixture of boho-chic style. Beautifully crafted, the one-of-a-kind dream catchers will catch the eyes of anyone looking for a unique piece to add beauty and free-spirited elegance to any outfit.

*Absolutely gorgeous! On of a kind, you can tell tons of love & good energy was put into these while being made! You won't be able to buy these anywhere!!! I love them, fit for a queen.

*Earrings that speak the gypsy soul aloud, with every step they chime. Dangling from our lobes, made to wear close to the mind to catch all dreams, daydream and creative thoughts. When you wear them, your nature feels free once more.

*Fabulous. All I have to say.

*Fantabulously wonderfully fandabidozy.

*These dreamcatcher earrings will not only catch dreams, but they will also catch everyone's eye. They are absolutely beautiful. Whoever owns these earrings is sure to turn heads when they walk into the room. They show free-spirit, beauty, and hope. They are tribal and gorgeous.


*They look so peaceful the natural blue and the free spirit is so amazing. They would fulfill my dreams and make everyone dream of them. They show hope and love. They bring natural beauty to your ears. In every step a fascinating chime. These beautiful crafted earrings shall lift the spirit of any outfit, the golden feathers shine like diamonds and stars they are so pretty they must of been made by angel if I had love the boho look.

*They look like they were gifted by a specially beautiful angel that has never come across hate. I love the whole style boho thing you rocking there! In one word, like it says in the steps to follow perfect.

*They would be so beautiful and wouldn't also catch bad dreams but steal the hearts of everyone.

*So so so so pretty and stylish and everything good and amazing, with a touch of bling a ding ding!

*I really really adore them.

*They're bold & unique, they can be a dreamer's lucky charm, hope for a brighter future. The power to search far & wide. Explore, find ourselves.

*These are gorgeously made and wearing these is an expression of yourself. And these say you're open to the world throwing you good and bad and you can filter what you please. I love them very rustic and powerful. Yet, elaborate and elegant. They're beautiful! I hope they make someone happy!! #Wonderous 


*They are beautiful in their own kind of way. Their beauty catches people's attention straight away. Their style and uniqueness is just amazing.

*Omg these look like a dream come true

Leave a comment below what you think and we will give another pair away!!

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