Monday, November 10, 2014

Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water | Life Hack

We now go into a restaurant and without asking, our sever will bring our water or diet coke with a slice of lemon on it. I'm not too sure about my diet coke with lemon in it but I'm down for a little flavor in my water. The reason why we always get the lemon in our drinks is because the servers assume that we will eventually ask for it and instead of making an extra trip, its already there, part of the whole water/soda experience. 

It seems that everyone has gotten on the kick of having lemon with their water but do you really know the all the benefits that come along with lemon in our water? Lemons are like a little health treat that also tastes delicious. There are many benefits that most of us already know, such as they have tons of Vitamin C, which is beneficial in preventing the nasty cold or flu and helps when you unluckily got the nasty cold or flu. Another reason to drink the Kool-Aid is that it helps you while you're sitting at the restaurant eating food that maybe you shouldn't be eating. It helps cut down on heartburn, helps with digestive problems, reduces bloating and aids in being friendly to your kidneys and liver. Sounds good to me, bring me a bowl of them! 

Lemons are an antiseptic and helps clear up acne as well...yay for lemons. Now, I know you have seen those videos and the magazines where you can get clear skin with a little help from our lemon tree friends. You may have though that it is some sort of urban legend or old wives tale, but it actually works and a lot of people have had success in getting rid of acne by drinking lemon water or by physically putting the lemon on your skin. There are many YouTube videos that help with a DIY lemon acne treatments at home. But, BE CAREFUL!! Lemons are a powerful creature and they could be a little harsh if used all the time. Below you will find a video from one of my favorite YouTubers; Michelle Phan and her lemon sugar scrub. Try it out and let me know how it works for you. BTW, Our "Getting Clear Skin & Keeping It Acne Free" post will be up shortly.

So, basically lemons are our best friends and ignoring these precious little gems won't bring you any satisfaction. Embrace the lemon in all it's glory and don't be afraid of the little wedge hanging off your diet coke because it is your friend in health and beauty. 

Drinking water with a lemon should become a staple of your daily habits and it is not hard to do. Fill up you water bottle with thin round slices of lemon and then fill the bottle up with water, carry it around and watch the benefits unfold. I add mint leaves and lemon in my overpriced glass water bottle and place it in the freezer, then the frozen lemons and water melt slowly during the day (unless I'm in Arizona) and then you have the perfect beverage. 

I know you guys know that lemons are filled with mighty vitamins such as vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and fiber, but these yellow beauties have more Potassium than apples and grapes!! So, lemons are perfect, except when you bite right into one because that will wipe the beautiful enamel right off your smile, so make sure you dilute it with water. 

There are so many more benefits of lemons that I could surely turn into a book but I want to make this post short and sweet; bottom line use lemons! The end. So, enjoy a lemon today and the next. 

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