Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Apple Watch May Be Ready Just In Time For Valentine's Day

The Apple Watch, not the iWatch that everyone thought it would be called was introduced to us this year on September 9th, alongside the release of the new iPhone 6. The release date of the Apple Watch was very vague, stating that it would be available sometime early next year. There have been rumors that the Apple Watch will be ready just in time for Valentine's Day, which is exciting for me because I am so getting one! 

The Apple Watch needs some adjustments to make sure it is perfect on our wrists before it comes out, so I am fine with the wait. 

There are three different Apple Watches with two different sizes for each. There is the Apple Watch made from stainless steel, the Apple Watch Sport made from aluminum, and the Apple Watch Edition made from 18-carat gold. All these watches can have interchangeable straps for different look and color, so the possibilities are larger than expected. In order to sport one of these Apple Watches, you must have an iPhone, which makes sense since it runs off of your phone and it is an Apple product. But, I don't think too many people will want an Apple Watch that doesn't have or like the iPhone, so we are good here. The screen is made of sapphire, which means, hard to break. We love all the outside specs of the Apple Watch but won't know too much of the functionality or the use of apps until we can try it on for size ourselves.

The Apple Watch is said to have the ability to send quick text messages (which might be a little dangerous in the driving scene), be able to call or message friends, check your social media accounts, even more obsessively than usual and my favorite part the fitness aspect of it. I own the FitBit Flex, which keeps track of my sleep, how many "steps" I have walked/ran and an app that you can add in your food intake, exercise, water, and keep track of your weight. I love my FitBit Flex but I think I will be tossing it aside or to eBay after I get the Apple Watch. The fitness tracker app will be pretty much the same but a whole lot better with a screen that is in color and it will keep your heart rate as well. I am definitely down for this watch. 

The Apple Watch in my opinion is fairly priced at $349, I mean its basically a iPhone sized down to a watch, so the technology is quite extreme here. The FitBit Flex is $100 and it is made out of rubber, has little dots that light up and tell you your progress and it vibrates when it is time to eat, workout or get out of bed. This watch is going far and above that for $250 more; Sold!

What do you guys think of the unveiling of the Apple Watch? Are you getting one or are you an Android snob that hates all things Apple (can you tell I'm an Apple snob)?  

More specific details of the Apple Watch coming. 

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