Friday, August 15, 2014

Welcome To My New Blog!!

Hello Peachy Queens!

Welcome to my blog that is going to be filled with a variety of topics such as fashion, reviews on beauty products, blogs, boutiques, news, and updates on Peachy Queen Boutique. We love to hear from you so make sure you leave a comment expressing your thoughts negative or positive...AND don't forget to subscribe to our blog, so you get it on the daily.


  1. Hi Peachy Queen, I am a fan already. I have found your boutique at and the clothes you are selling are stylish, in fashion and affordable too. I also love the pictures on your blog and your style in general.
    I will follow you with attention, especially during the New York fashion week. All the best and a lot of success with the blog and the rest. Have fun.

  2. My new favorite blog..saved on in my favorites!


Thanks for your comment and feedback...We love to hear you express!!

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