Friday, August 15, 2014

Sock Time!!

Okay, so I know that it is only mid-August but socks are becoming more and more an item that is going to be needed, plus who doesn't love to go to bed with a nice warm pair of SOCKS?!?!? These...especially the over-the-knee high socks are not only cute but they are just thick enough and perfect enough for me to create an entire post about them. 

Socks from Honeydew Intimates are just like the name..oh so intimate on your toes and soft and beautiful as a honeydew. I am definitely a little obsessed with these socks and I feel like I get more and more obsessed as the weather get colder even if it is just cold in my house from the A.C. running because its way too hot outside. Who doesn't love socks, I mean seriously? Does it sound like I am a little psycho about's because I am. I have literally three drawers dedicated to socks..that's not weird right? 
Anyway, let's get back to these specific socks, Honeydew socks!! They have such fun, sexy, and cute designs that will rock your feet out and of course keep you warm at night..even if you're alone. 
When I decided to carry socks in my boutique, I knew of Honeydew Intimates from back in the day (like a few years back..really) and I needed these!!!! So I stocked my store and my drawer.

Check 'em out!! Like, seriously I love shoes but it's like socks are the sister of shoes, even if you're not wearing any shoes. So stock up on some sock or else you will miss out on the best sock experience of this WINTER!! I heard we're having another Polar Vortex.
Check out our full line on our website. (for the SOCKS!)

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