Friday, August 29, 2014

MakeupSocial-Beauty & Make-up App

So, everyone know what Instagram is right; well what if there were an app just like Instagram that is just for make-up and beauty lovers and obsessives? Well, guess what?!?!? There is! I was invited to this app and it is amazing. It is basically exactly like Instagram but only focuses on posts about beauty, hair, make-up, how-to, DIY, tutorials, reviews, and where to buy the items you see the users use on their posts. It is absolutely fabulous...I swear. And, of course the app is free!! Yay for free apps!

The description on the app is that "Makeupsocial is the fun new social network for beauty. Get unbiased beauty advice, reviews and collect beauty products into your beautyshelf whilst stalking and recommending beauty products to your friends, family and beauty lovers." (Ummmm YES!)

It's also a good place to meet new people with the same specific interests. You can post, chat, discover everything beauty all on one place. I just got started and my name is peachyqueen (of course), so I don't have any posts yet, but I did do some major stalking!! Check out the app and follow me of course and also let me know what you think of the app. The app is basically perfect, if you think that Instagram is perfect because it follows the exact template, so it will be pretty easy to figure it all out right away. 
Thoughts go below...I want to hear what you think and your account name so we can chat!

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  1. How awesome is that, an app on make up, beauty and hair tips all in one!?! No need to look anywhere else, it sounds like the perfect app for those who are into the latest fashion and make up. Thank you for discovering this app Peachy Queen, I will download it now and follow you (no stalking - promise). :-D

    1. You can stalk! LOL Yes, this app is so awesome and perfect for make-up lovers around the world to share joy in the same thing.


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